Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dave Davies Satsang Weekend Setlist September 2011

Ok, here’s the setlist from the Satsang Weekend, copied from the band’s one but might not be in order. It was all pretty amazing.

All Day and All of the Night
Where Have All the Good Times Gone
Set Me Free
Tired of Waiting for You
The Lie
See My Friends
Creeping Jean
Rock Siva
Death of a Clown
Too Much on My Mind
Are You Ready, Girl?
Fortis Green
Flowers in the Rain
Remember the Future
Love Me Till the Sun Shines
Rock Me, Rock You
I’m Not Like Everybody Else
Living on a Thin Line
This Man He Weeps Tonight
You Really Got Me
Get Back in the Line

Next night
More or less the same but with
Hare Krishna
One Day at a Time
A snatch of Last of the Steam-Powered Trains
Party Line
Sea of Heartbreak

The band, apart from the drummer, Frank Rawle, who came from Barnstaple, had travelled from LA and were Jonathan Lea (rhythm guitar - he can also be seen in the version of The Lie from the World Trade Center, linked above, amusing to watch Dave try to control his lyric folder, luckily there was no breeze to contend with on the weekend), David Nolte (bass), Kristi Callan (backing vocals). They were a great support to Dave and all worked really well together.

Question: Why is the song called Rock Me, Rock You when Dave always sings ‘Rock You, Rock Me’? He introduces this 2003 live version as Rock You, Rock Me. Beautifully tender.

Corrections: Do let me know if you were there and remember the setlist differently.

My next blog will be about the great Jackie Leven. I can't believe he's gone.

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